Gymnastics: Russia Wins Fourth Straight Group All-Around Gold at World Rhythmic Championships

Russia won their fourth straight Rhythmic Group All-Around title at the 2019 World Rhythmic Gymnastics. In terms of Olympic qualification, the top five unqualified teams were given a spot to compete at the games. The World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships is currently being held in Baku, Azerbaijan from September 16th to September 22nd 2019.

Russia won the event thanks to a very strong performance in the five balls routine where they finished first with a total of 30.000 points. The nation finished with a total of 58.700 points. Japan won their second ever silver medal (first was won in 1975) thanks to a top performance in the three hoops and four clubs where they finished just half a point behind Russia with a total of 58.200. The bronze medal was won by Bulgaria whom finished with a total score of 58.000. The Olympic quotas were won by Japan, Belarus, Israel, China and Azerbaijan.

Nations will have one more opportunity to qualify a spot; at their respective continent qualifiers. As Japan qualified normally the host quota will be reallocated to the highest ranked nation at the 2019 World Championships not qualified after the continent qualifiers. Currently Ukraine occupies that spot, but depending on the results of the continent qualifiers potentially the United States or Mexico could also receive the host nation quota reallocation.

Update: The host reallocation was obtained by the United States.

Qualified Nations

Women’s Rhythmic Group All-Around
* Azerbaijan
* Belarus
* China
* Israel
* Japan
* United States (Host reallocation)

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