Gymnastics: Russia Reigns Supreme in Artistic Individual All-Around at European Championships

Russia was the top nation in the individual all-around events at the 2021 European Championships in Artistic Gymnastics. Two Olympic quotas were available to the two highest ranked eligible athletes during the qualification round. The European Championships are currently being held in Basel, Switzerland from April 21st to April 25th, 2021.

The qualification round for the women’s individual all-around was topped by 2019 World Championships bronze medalist Angelina Melnikova of Russia. Melnikova had the top performance in the uneven bars and floor to finish with a total of 55.991. The Olympic quotas were won by Russia’s Viktoriia Listunova and Romania’s Larisa Iordache. In the final, Melnikova would be defeated by Listunova who finished in the top three in all four apparatuses to win gold with a score of 56.731. Melnikova won silver (55.432) while Great Britain’s Jessica Gadirova won bronze (55.100).

Russia also displayed their strength in the men’s individual all-around event where 2019 World Championship gold medalist Nikita Nagornyy had a very consistent performance where he finished in the top 10 in all apparatuses to finish with a score of 87.097. The Olympic quotas were won by Russia’s Aleksandr Kartsev and Turkey’s Adem Asil. Nagornyy would move up another level in the final where he won by over two points with a total score of 88.032. His compatriot, David Belyavskiy won silver (85.864) while Ukraine’s Illia Kovtun won bronze (84.864).

As a reminder these quotas are provisional as the apparatus World Series rankings hold a higher priority. Should one of the above athletes qualify there then the quota earned here will be reallocated. Qualifiers for gymnastics continues with several events scheduled to take part over the coming months.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Artistic Individual All-Around
* Russia
* Turkey

Women’s Artistic Individual All-Around
* Romania
* Russia

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