Gymnastics: Nagornyy Wins First Men’s Individual All-Around Title at World Championships

After anchoring gold in the team event, Nikita Nagornyy won his first individual all-around title at the 2019 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. Initially, the top twelve athletes from nations without a qualified team, maximum one athlete per nation would be given a spot to compete. However, due to reallocations of the individual apparatus quotas more athletes will qualify via this method. The Artistic Gymnastics World Championships is currently being held in Stuttgart, Germany from October 4th to October 13th 2019.

The qualification round topped by 2018 World Championship bronze medalist Nikita Nagornyy of Russia whom was the most consistent athlete, finishing with a total of 87.333 points. This was ahead of his compatriot and defend champion Artur Dalaloyan whom scored 86.531 points while defending silver medalist Xiao Ruoteng of China was third with a score of 85.831.

The Olympic quotas were won by the Philippines (Carlos Yulo), Cuba (Manrique Larduet), Italy (Ludovico Edalli), Kazakhstan (Milad Karimi), France (Loris Frasca), Lithuania (Robert Tvorogal), Israel (Alexander Shatilov), Turkey (Ferhat Arican), Armenia (Artur Davtyan), Bulgaria (David Huddleston), the Netherlands (Bart Deurloo) and Mexico (Daniel Corral).

Additionally, due to fewer than three unqualified eligible athletes reaching the individual apparatus finals and Japan qualifying a team seven more quotas will be reallocated to the next best all-around athletes. Currently they belong to Canada (Rene Cournoyer), Uzbekistan (Rasuljon Abdurakhimov), Cyprus (Marios Georgiou), Azerbaijan (Ivan Tikhonov), Sweden (David Rumbutis), Belarus (Andrey Likhovitskiy) and Norway (Sofus Heggemsnes).

In the final, Nagornyy performed even better where he topped the rings and vault to win gold with a total of 88.772. He finished ahead of Dalaloyan whom had 87.165 points while the bronze medal was won by Ukraine’s Oleg Verniaiev.

The next opportunity for unqualified athletes, including those from nations qualified to the team event will be through the World Cup series. The World Championships continues tomorrow with medals being awarded in five apparatuses.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Artistic Individual Events
* Armenia
* Azerbaijan
* Belarus
* Bulgaria
* Canada
* Cuba
* Cyprus
* France
* Israel
* Italy
* Kazakhstan
* Lithuania
* Mexico
* Netherlands
* Norway
* Philippines
* Sweden
* Turkey
* Uzbekistan

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