Gymnastics: Egypt and Nigeria Grab Final African Championships Quotas

Omar Mohamed confirms continental superiority with gold in the men’s artistic individual all-around event at the 2021 African Gymnastics Championships. The event also doubled as the African qualifiers for the Olympics where the two highest ranked eligible athletes qualified to the games. The African Gymnastics Championships was held in Cairo, Egypt from May 26th to May 27th 2021. The second quota was won by Nigeria’s Uche Eke.

Egypt claimed an additional two quotas in the trampoline events where the winner qualified a quota to the games provided that no African nation qualifies an athlete from the World Cup rankings. The winner of the men’s trampoline was Seif Asser while the women’s trampoline was won by Malak Hamza.

The next continent to have its gymnastics qualifiers will be Pan America set to have its event in the coming days.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Artistic Individual All-Around
* Egypt
* Nigeria

Men’s Trampoline
* Egypt

Women’s Trampoline
* Egypt

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