Football: Brazil wins Copa America Femenina

Brazil became the first nation, besides hosts Japan to qualify to the 2020 Olympics after going unbeaten at the 2018 Copa America Femenina. The event was held in La Sarena and Coquimbo, Chile from 4 April to 22 April 2018. Overall this is Brazil’s seventh title in this competition.

The first stage had the ten South American teams split into two groups of five. Group A was topped by Colombia, led by the tournament’s golden boot winner (top goal scorer) Catalina Usme whom scored nine goals, including four goals against Uruguay and three against Paraguay. A 1-1 draw against Chile was the only blemish on their record. Hosts Chile had a slow start with a 1-1 draw against Paraguay, but another draw and two victories was enough to finish runner-up.

Group B was topped by Brazil whom won all their matches with a combined score of 22-1. Argentina finished second in the group after a 2-0 victory over Venezuela during the final group games.

The final stage round robin began with a 3-1 upset of Argentina over Colombia while Brazil defeated Chile 3-1. Brazil would go on to add a pair of 3-0 victories over Argentina and Colombia to win the group and the championship. Second place was decided in the final group game between Chile, whom drew Colombia 0-0 previously and Argentina. An early goal from Camila Saez was the beginning of a 4-0 victory for Chile over Argentina.

By finishing second Chile will have another opportunity to qualify their women’s team for the first time to the Olympics in an intercontinental match against the second place team from Africa.

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