Fencing: Final Asian/Oceania Olympic Quotas Decided at Zonal Qualifier

The Asian/Oceania Zonal Qualifier conclude today with quotas awarded in the final three individual events. Only unqualified nations were allowed to compete where the winner of each event was given a quota to compete at the games. Each event consisted of a pool round where athletes were then seeded into a single elimination bracket. The Asian/Oceania Zonal Qualifiers was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan from April 25th to April 26th 2021.

The women’s individual sabre came down to the top two seeded athletes. In the semi-finals, Kazakhstan’s Aigerim Sarybay defeated Singapore’s Jolie Lee 15-11 while Uzbekistan’s Zaynab Dayibekova won against Hong Kong’s Lam Hin Wai 15-4. The event and Olympic quota winner were Dayibekova as she relatively easily dispatached Sarybay 15-6.

While the top seed of the men’s individual foil, China’s Huang Mengkai was able to reach the final, including a 15-6 victory over Chinese Taipei’s Chen Chih Chieh, the bottom half of the bracket saw numerous seeding upsets. Both the second and third seeds were defeated, creating a semi-final match between Malaysia’s Hans Yoong and Vietnam’s Nguyen Minh Quang. The match was won 15-10 by Yoong. In the final, Huang won over Yoong 15-4, allowing China to have an athlete in every individual fencing event.

In contrast the women’s individual epee saw fewer seeding upsets with three out of the top four advancing to the semi-finals. To reach the finals, Singapore’s Kiria Abdul Rahman won 15-12 against Thailand’s Korawan Thanee while Kazakhstan’s Ulyana Balaganskaya needed to score the final point to win 15-14 to prevent another upset by Mongolia’s Batsaikhan Amarzaya. The Olympic quota was won by Adul Rahman whom scored 15-13 against Balaganskaya.

This was the final opportunity for Asian/Oceania fencers to qualify to the Olympics, though Japan still has eight host quotas to use in whichever they see fit. The final quota in each of the individual events will be decided at the Americas Zonal Qualifier set to be held next week.

Qualified Nations

Women’s Individual Epee
* Singapore

Men’s Individual Foil
* China

Women’s Individual Sabre
* Uzbekistan

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