Equestrian: Zanotelli Wins Brazil First Pan American Games Individual Jumping Gold Medal

Following the team event, Brazil won its first ever gold medal in individual jumping at the 2019 Pan American Games. In terms of Olympic qualification, the four highest ranked eligible nations qualify one individual to the games. Equestrian at the Pan American was held in Lima, Peru from July 28th to August 9th 2019.

The first qualifier was the speed round and was won by Elizabeth Madden of the United States whom completed the course in 68.82 seconds. This was 0.57 and 1.84 seconds faster than Mexico’s Patricio Pasquel and United States’ Alex Granato respectively. This translated to a 0.29 and 0.92 point penalty for the riders.

The second and third qualifier rounds were normal show jumping courses. Three athletes finished the two courses with clean records: Brazil’s Pedro Veniss, Canada’s Erynn Ballard and Chile’s Ignacio Montesinos. By finishing with two clean rounds Veniss moved up to first place with 2.06 penalty points, followed by Ballard and Brazil’s Rodrigo Lambre whom had 3.26 and 5.26 penalty points respectively. The top 35 riders advanced to the final rounds, but only 32 competed.

All previous penalty points were cleared for the final rounds. The first round saw four riders finish without any penalty points; Argentina’s Jose Maria Larocca, Brazil’s Marlon Zanotelli, Mexico’s Eugenio Garza and the United States’ Eve Jobs. Zanotelli was the only rider to score a second flawless run in the second run. This allowed him to win the gold medal. The silver medal was won by Larocca whom scored a single time penalty point while the bronze medal was decided in a jump-off after four athletes finished with four penalty points. The medal was won by Madden. The Olympic quotas were won by Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina and Chile.

All selected athletes must meet the minimum requirement to compete. This was the final direct opportunity for Pan American nations to qualify, but they could qualify individuals via qualifying a team at the Nations Cup Final.

Update: Due to the disqualification of a Canadian rider in the team jumping event. The quotas have been resorted. Argentina now obtains a team jumping quota while Canada obtains a single individual jumping quota.

Qualified Nations

Individual Jumping
* Canada
* Chile
* Colombia
* Dominican Republic

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