Equestrian: Ukraine Wins Team Jumping Group C2 Qualifier

Ukraine was the top nation at the 2019 Jumping Group C2 Olympic Qualification Event. In terms of Olympic qualification, the highest eligible team qualified their nation to the team event. Group C consist of nations from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Jumping Group C2 Olympic Qualification Event was held in conjunction with other events in Budapest, Hungary from June 27th to June 30th 2019.

Unlike other groups, Group C decided to split their two team quotas across two events, allowing eligible nations to select one to compete in. In total, six nations were present: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and Ukraine. Other competing nations chose to compete in the C1 qualifier to be held in Moscow, Russia over the weekend.

The first round saw Ukraine take a strong lead with a total team penalty of 14, this was thanks to three of their riders finishing in the top 5 including Rene Tebbel whom led all riders with 2 penalty points. Behind Ukraine were the Czech Republic with 23 points and Hungary with 29 points. Greece was also eliminated after two of their riders failed to complete the course. The second round was similarly won by Ukraine whom incurred 27 penalty points to finish with a combined total of 41 points. The Czech Republic and Hungary completed the podium with a team total of 58 and 64 points. The best performing rider was Ukraine’s Ferenc Szentirmai whom finished with 6 points.

Athletes which are selected to the team event will also be eligible to compete in the individual event. Additionally, all athletes must achieve the minimum eligibility requirements in order to be allowed to compete. These nations will have one more opportunity to qualify to the team event through the Nations Cup Final.

Update: Due to the team’s failure to obtain the certificate of capability by December 31st 2019, the quota has been reallocated.

Individual Jumping
* Ukraine
* Ukraine
* Ukraine

Team Jumping
* Ukraine

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