Equestrian: Sweden Wins Eventing Nations Cup, Switzerland Qualifies to the Olympics

Sweden was crowned champions at the conclusion of the 2019 Eventing Nations Cup. For this season, the Nations Cup was held in seven cities across Europe. Nations earn points at each event with the six best performances contributing to their overall ranking. In terms of Olympic qualification, the highest ranked unqualified nation at the conclusion of the event will be given a spot to compete at the games. The first event was held in Great Britain in May while the final leg was in the Netherlands, ending this previous weekend. Other stops include Italy, Poland, Ireland, France and Belgium.

Germany was the most consistent team where they won four events, but as they only competed in four events they were passed by the more consistent competing teams. Also winning legs were France, New Zealand and Switzerland. The title came down between Italy and Sweden where the latter held a 10 point lead going into the final leg, however, the Italians did not compete in the final leg allowing Sweden to win the title with a total of 435 points. Italy was second while Great Britain finished third with 425 and 415 points respectively.

The Olympic quota also came down to the final leg as Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium were all in contention for it. By finishing seventh, Switzerland was able to clinch the quota as neither the Netherlands nor Belgium were able to overtake them.

By qualifying a team Switzerland will also be eligible to compete in the individual event. All athletes must attain the minimum requirements in order to be selected to compete. This was the final event that awarded team quotas in eventing. However, quotas for the individual event will still be available through the world rankings.

Qualified Nations

Individual Eventing
* Switzerland
* Switzerland
* Switzerland

Team Eventing
* Switzerland

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