Equestrian: Poland Takes Group C Eventing Title at Olympic Qualifier

Poland was able to outlast all other nations at the 2019 Eventing Group C Olympic Qualification Event. In terms of Olympic qualification, the highest eligible team qualified their nation to the team event. Group C consist of nations from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Eventing Group C Olympic Qualification Events was held in Baborowko, Poland from May 23rd to May 26th 2019.

Three eligible nations; Belarus, Poland and Russia participated in this event. The dressage portion was topped by Poland where Pawel Spisak had the best performance among athletes in the team event, getting a score of 26.8, while the team got 93.0 points. Belarus was second overall with 112.2 points, but lost Alexander Zelenko due to elimination. Three-person Russia followed close behind with 114.0 points.

The cross-country portion saw riders from all nations dropping out with Belarus’ Hanna Nemtsava, Poland’s Mariusz Kleniuk and Russia’s Aleksandr Markov and Andrey Mitin and leaving for various reasons. Since both Belarus and Russia have fewer than three active riders they are no longer eligible to qualify to the Olympics. Likewise, Poland must complete the next round with all three of its remaining riders in order to win the quota. At the end of the round Poland had a team total of 111.8 points.

The Polish team was able to keep a relatively clean jumping portion with only four penalty points between the three riders. Therefore, they were able to officially claim the team Olympic quota with a final score of 115.8 points.

Athletes which are selected to the team event will also be eligible to compete in the individual event. Additionally, all athletes must achieve the minimum eligibility requirements in order to be allowed to compete. Other nations from this group will have one more opportunity to qualify a team at the Eventing Nations Cup. Individual athletes will also be able to qualify through the Olympic rankings.

Individual Eventing
* Poland
* Poland
* Poland

Team Eventing
* Poland

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