Equestrian: Ireland Wins Jumping Nations Cup Final With Exceptional Final Performance

An exceptional final allowed Ireland to complete their equestrian team at the Olympics thanks to winning the 2019 Jumping Nations Cup Final. The highest ranked nation not yet qualified will be given a spot to compete at the Olympics. In total 18 nations competed with seven of them being eligible for qualification. The Jumping Nations Cup Final was held in Barcelona, Spain from October 3rd to October 6th 2019.

The first round was topped by 2019 European champions Belgium whom incurred a team total of four penalty points. This was one fewer point than France. In total, eight nations reached the second and final round with Sweden, Colombia, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy also advancing. In terms of Olympic qualification Colombia, Ireland and Italy remained while host nation Spain missed out in a spot in the final due to the tiebreaker against Italy where they were 0.45 seconds slower in the combined time.

Ireland was the top performer during the final where the team only suffered a single time penalty point to win the Jumping Nations Cup and the Olympic quota. Belgium finished with the silver medal with four penalty points while Sweden won the bronze thanks to having the fastest combined time among teams with 12 penalty points.

By qualifying a team Ireland will also be eligible to compete in the individual event. All athletes must attain the minimum requirements in order to be selected to compete. The final two spots will be decided at the Group F (Africa and Middle East) qualifier to be held next week. In addition, quotas for the individual event will be available through the world rankings.

Qualified Nations

Individual Jumping
* Ireland
* Ireland
* Ireland

Team Jumping
* Ireland

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