Equestrian: FEI Confirms Reallocation Quotas for Dressage and Eventing

The FEI has confirmed the reallocation of quotas in equestrian. Some quotas were reallocated due to nations rejecting the quota. This was the case in dressage where Belarus, New Zealand and Norway declined an individual quota. The quotas were reallocated to the next highest ranked nation from their respective nation groups.

This meant Estonia and Singapore replace Belarus and New Zealand respectively. No eligible Group A (North & Western Europe) athlete remained so Norway’s quota was reallocated to the next highest overall ranked eligible athlete, Italy.

Additionally, Ireland declined a team quota. The quota was reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible nation in the composite ranking, specifically Belgium. Funny enough, Belgium’s original individual quota was reallocated to Ireland.

The other cause for reallocation was the failure of some athletes to reach the minimum eligibility requirement (MER). Due to the postponement of the Olympics to 2021, nations had until June 21st 2021 to complete their MER or had they already done so in 2019, achieve a confirmation result to show they were still capable of such a performance.

In dressage, Bermuda failed to reach the MER and were replaced with the next highest ranked eligible athlete from their group, Chile. In eventing, Chile and Pakistan failed to reach the MER. Chile was replaced by Ecuador while no other Group F (Africa & Middle East) nation was eligible to compete so the next highest overall ranked nation qualified, specifically Austria.

Barring any last-minute injuries this should be the final list of nations scheduled to compete at the Olympics.

Qualified Nations

Individual Dressage
* Belgium
* Belgium
* Belgium
* Chile
* Estonia
* Ireland
* Italy
* Singapore

Team Dressage
* Belgium

Individual Eventing
* Austria
* Ecuador

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