Diving: FINA Clarifies Continental Quota Allocation

During the FINA Executive Meeting in Lausanne on September 24th 2019, the 2020 Olympic qualification system for diving was clarified, particularly the continental qualification system. In 2016, only the winner was eligible to gain a quota for their nation. However, it was decided that should the winner already have qualified through the 2019 World Aquatics Championships then the next highest ranked eligible athlete would obtain the quota for their nation.

This means three unused quotas from the European Championships and two unused quotas from the Pan American Games will now be allocated. The European quota for the men’s 3m springboard was won by Great Britain’s James Heatly, the men’s 10m platform goes to Russia’s Ruslan Ternovoi and the women’s 3m springboard quota will be taken by Russia’s Kristina Ilinykh. On the Pan American side, the quotas in the women’s events now go to Mexico thanks to the performances of Dolores Hernandez in the women’s 3m springboard and Alejandra Orozco in the women’s 10m platform.

The two final continental qualifiers will be for Africa and Oceania to be held in December. Afterwards, the final opportunity for nations to qualify to the Olympics will be at the 2020 Diving World Cup.

Special thanks to the Ligue Européenne de Natation (LEN) for asking and reporting on this issue.

Qualified Nations

Men’s 3m Springboard
* Great Britain

Men’s 10m Platform
* Russia

Women’s 3m Springboard
* Mexico
* Russia

Women’s 10m Platform
* Mexico

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