Canoeing: Quotas From Double Qualified Athletes at Slalom World Championships Reallocated

The nations of the five athletes which obtained more than one quota at the 2019 Canoe Slalom World Championships have decided which quota to keep. As per the qualification document, an athlete can only obtain one quota for their nation meaning for Andorra, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and the United States they must choose whether to keep the women’s K1 or C1 slalom quota. The declined quota was then reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible nation at the world championships.

Australia, Brazil and the United States decided to keep the women’s C1 quota and thus the K1 quotas were reallocated to the Cook Islands, Canada and China. Conversely, Andorra and New Zealand decided to keep the women’s K1 quota and thus the C1 quotas were reallocated to France and Slovenia.

The five nations which declined the quota will have an opportunity to qualify a different athlete to the declined events via their respective continental qualifiers. They could also decide to use the same athlete to compete in both events as a double starter.

Qualified Nations

Women’s K1 Slalom
* Canada
* China
* Cook Islands

Women’s C1 Slalom
* France
* Slovenia

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