Canoeing: Pan American Slalom and Sprint Qualifiers Cancelled, Quotas Reallocated

The Pan American qualifiers in canoe slalom and canoe sprint were cancelled. The slalom event was scheduled to take place in Curitiba, Brazil from April 9th to April 11th 2021 while the sprint event was scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from April 30th to May 2nd 2021. The International Canoe Federation has decided the events will not be rescheduled and that the quotas will be reallocated based on the criteria set by the qualification documents.

For canoe slalom the highest ranked eligible boats in the ICF Canoe Slalom World Rankings qualified a spot to the Olympics. This meant the quotas were earned by Argentina’s Thomas Bersinger in the men’s K1, Mexico’s Sofia Reinoso in the women’s K1, the United States’ Casey Eichfeld in the men’s C1 and Canada’s Lois Betteridge in the women’s C1.

For canoe sprint the highest ranked eligible boat at the 2019 World Championships qualified a spot to the Olympics. However, a nation can only qualify a maximum of two athletes per boat class. This rule meant that Canada must return one boat after being eligible to qualify in the men’s K1 200m and men’s K2 1000m. The nation also qualified a spot to compete in the men’s C2 1000m and women’s K1 500m. Brazil qualified in men’s K1 1000m, Cuba qualified in the men’s C1 1000m and Argentina qualified to compete in the women’s K1 200m.

Update: Canada has selected the men’s K2 1000m quota so the men’s K1 200m boat has been reallocated to Argentina.

Due to not having any eligible boats in some events, those quotas were reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible boat at the 2019 World Championships regardless of continent. This meant the women’s K2 500m went to Austria, the women’s C1 200m went to Bulgaria and the women’s C2 500m went to Japan. As Japan is now qualified in a women’s canoe boat it’s host quota in the C1 200m has been reallocated to Hungary.

Asia and Europe still have their continental qualifiers with each of them being scheduled in the coming weeks. Additionally, unqualified Pan American nations will have one more opportunity to qualify in K1 or C1 sprint boats via the second stage of the 2021 World Cup.

Qualified Nations

Men’s K1 Slalom
* Argentina

Women’s K1 Slalom
* Mexico

Men’s C1 Slalom
* United States

Women’s C1 Slalom
* Canada

Men’s K1 200m
* Argentina

Women’s K1 200m
* Argentina

Men’s K1 1000m
* Brazil

Women’s K1 500m
* Canada

Men’s K2 1000m
* Canada*

Women’s K2 500m
* Austria

Men’s C1 1000m
* Cuba

Women’s C1 200m
* Bulgaria
* Hungary (Replaces host quota)

Men’s C2 1000m
* Canada

Women’s C2 500m
* Japan

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