Canoeing: First Day of Canoeing Medals at African Games Awarded in 1000m Events

Medals were awarded today in the 1000m events in canoeing at the 2019 African Games. In terms of Olympic qualification, the highest rank eligible boat qualified their nation to the games. Canoeing at the African Games is currently being held in Rabat, Morocco from August 28th to August 30th.

The heats for the men’s K1 1000m saw won by South Africa’s Louis Hattingh whom finished with a time of 3:55.764, this was over nine seconds faster than Morocco’s Achraf Elaidi whom finished second within the same heat with a time of 4:04.890. The second heat was considerably slower with Egypt’s Ali Ahmed finishing with a time of 4:19.163. The final and Olympic quota was won by Tunisia’s Mohamed Ali Mrabet whom finished with a time of 3:30.033. The silver and bronze medals were won by Hattingh (3:31.602) and Algeria’s Oussama Djabali (3:50.311) respectively.

The men’s C1 1000m was more competitive with three nations finishing within 3.3 seconds of each other in the first heat with Tunisia’s Ghailene Khattali finishing with a time of 4:22.203. This was ahead of Sao Tome and Principe’s Buly Da Conceicao Triste (4:23.582) and Angola’s Sandra Benilson (4:25.497). The other heat was won by Mozambique’s Joaquim Lobo whom did enough to win, finishing with a time of 4:41.111. The final was a repeat of heat one as Khattali won gold and the Olympic quota with a time of 4:09.494, this was ahead of Da Conceicao Triste (4:11.701) and Benilson (4:12.964) respectively.

Only a straight final was held in the men’s C2 1000m. The race and Olympic quota was won by Sao Tome and Principe who won their first ever African Games gold medal with a time of 4:03.135. The silver and bronze medals were won by Angola (4:05.278) and Tunisia (4:10.612).

For the men’s C2 1000m this was the final opportunity for nations to qualify while for the K1 and C1 1000m athletes can still qualify through the World Cup event to be held in 2020. Canoeing at the African Games continues tomorrow with medals being awarded in the 500m events.

Qualified Nations

Men’s K1 1000m
* Tunisia

Men’s C1 1000m
* Tunisia

Men’s C2 1000m
* Sao Tome and Principe

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