Canoeing: European Canoe Sprint Qualifiers sees 12 Nations Qualify Boats to the Games

Twelve nations were able to secure Olympic quotas at the European Canoe Sprint Qualifier. The top two eligible nations in the men’s and women’s K1 200m, men’s K1 1000m, women’s K1 500m, men’s C2 1000m and women’s C2 500m qualified to the games while for the men’s K2 1000m, women’s K2 500m, men’s C1 1000m and women’s C1 200m only the top ranked eligible nation qualified. The European Canoe Sprint Qualifier was held in Szeged, Hungary from May 12th to May 13th 2021.

The women’s kayak events saw quotas won by Great Britain (Deborah Kerr) and Italy (Francesca Genzo) in the women’s K1 200m, Spain (Isabel Contreras) and Croatia (Anamaria Govorcinovic) in the women’s K1 500m and Germany (Sarah Bruessler and Melanie Gebhardt) in the women’s K2 500m.

In the men’s kayak it was Russia (Evgenii Lukantsov) and Latvia (Roberts Akmens) whom won the quotas in the men’s K1 200m while Belgium (Artuur Peters) and Norway (Lars Magne Ullvang) won quotas in the men’s K1 1000m. Second place France mistakenly competed despite not being eligible to win a quota. In the men’s K2 1000m it was Hungary’s Kornel Beke and Adam Varga whom qualified their nation to the games. This however gives Hungary seven men’s kayak athlete quotas which means they need to return a quota; most likely it will be the K1 1000m quota won at the 2019 World Championships which will then be reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible nation.

The quotas for the women’s canoe events were won by Spain (Maria Corbera) in the women’s C1 200m and Moldova (Daniela Cociu and Maria Olarasu) and Russia (Kseniia Kurach and Anna Kniazeva) in the women’s C2 500m.

The men’s canoe events saw quotas won by Ukraine (Pavlo Altukhov) in the men’s C1 1000m and Spain (Cayetano Garcia and Pablo Martinez) and Hungary (Balazs Adolf and Daniel Fejes) in the men’s C2 1000m.

Unqualified nations will have one final opportunity to qualify in the K1 and C1 boats. The event will be held at the second World Cup, scheduled to occur next week in Russia.

Qualified Nations

Men’s K1 200m
* Latvia
* Russia

Women’s K1 200m
* Great Britain
* Italy

Men’s K1 1000m
* Belgium
* Norway

Women’s K1 500m
* Croatia
* Spain

Men’s K2 1000m
* Hungary

Women’s K2 500m
* Germany

Men’s C1 1000m
* Ukraine

Women’s C1 200m
* Spain

Men’s C2 1000m
* Hungary
* Spain

Women’s C2 500m
* Moldova
* Russia

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