Canoeing: 200m Medals Awarded on Third and Final Day of Competition at African Games

The third day of canoeing at the 2019 African Games saw medals being awarded in the 200m events with an Olympic quota being awarded in the men’s K1, women’s K1 and women’s C1 events. The highest ranked eligible boat qualified their nation to the Olympics. Canoeing at the African Games was held in Rabat, Morocco from August 28th to August 30th.

Only a final race was held in the women’s K1 200m. The race was won by South Africa’s Esti van Tonder whom won her third gold medal of the games, finishing with a time of 42.180. This was about two seconds faster than Tunisia’s Khaoula Sassi whom finished with a time of 44.060. The Olympic quota was won by the bronze medalist Samaa Ahmed of Egypt (46.813).

Similarly. only a single race was held in the women’s C1 200m. Nigeria’s Ayomide Bello won the race and Olympic quota with a time of 50.517. The silver and bronze medalists for the event were won by Senegal’s Oulimata Fall (51.988) and Tunisia’s Nedra Trabelsi (56.417) respectively.

In the men’s K1 200m, two heats were held. The first one was won by South Africa’s Chrisjan Coetzee whom finished with a time of 37.683 while the second heat was won by Algeria’s Oussama Djabali whom crossed the line at 39.541. The final was won by Coetzee whom improved his time to 34.091. Sadly, due to additional criteria imposed by the nation’s federation South Africa will decline the quota meaning the quota will be reallocated to the next highest eligible nation. This would go to Egypt’s Ali Ahmed whom won the bronze medal (36.943) as silver medalist Mohamed Ali Mrabet of Tunisia (35.700) had previously qualified.

Nations will have one more opportunity to qualify to the Olympics in the event through the World Cup event to be held in 2020.

Qualified Nations

Men’s K1 200m
* South Africa (Declined)
* Egypt

Women’s K1 200m
* Algeria

Women’s C1 200m
* Nigeria

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