Boxing: European Qualifiers via BTF Rankings Revealed as Final Quotas Awarded

Previously, the Boxing Task Force announced the cancellation of the World Olympic Qualifier due to the rescheduling of the European qualifier. The quotas for that event have been restructured where the highest ranked unqualified athlete from the BTF rankings from each of the four continents (Africa, Asia/Oceania, Europe and Pan America) would be given a spot to compete. The BTF has announced the qualifiers for Europe along with a couple of special quotas.

Overall, 11 nations qualified at least one athlete through the BTF Rankings. Poland qualified two women in the welterweight (Karolina Koszewska) and middleweight (Elzbieta Wojcik) events. Turkey also qualified two athletes with Bayram Malkan qualifying in the men’s light heavyweight and Necat Ekinvi qualifying in the men’s welterweight. Ekinvi benefitted from a reallocation as Ukraine’s Yevhenii Barabanov declined the quota.

The remaining quotas were obtained by Armenia (Hovhannes Bachkob, men’s lightweight), Belarus (Uladzislau Smiahlikau, men’s heavyweight), Bulgaria (Daniel Asenov, men’s flyweight), Finland (Mira Potkonen, women’s lightweight), Ireland (Kurt Walker, men’s featherweight), Russia (Liudmila Vorontsova, women’s featherweight), Serbia (Nina Radovanovic, women’s flyweight), Sweden (Adam Chartoi, men’s middleweight) and Ukraine (Tsotne Rogava, men’s super heavyweight).

One more quota was awarded from the BTF rankings to the highest ranked athlete not yet qualified in the women’s flyweight. This went to Vietnam’s Nguyen Thi Tham. Additionally, Canada’s Mandy Bujold will also compete in the women’s flyweight after winning an appeal from the CAS.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Flyweight
* Bulgaria

Men’s Featherweight
* Ireland

Men’s Lightweight
* Armenia

Men’s Welterweight
* Turkey

Men’s Middleweight
* Sweden

Men’s Light Heavyweight
* Turkey

Men’s Heavyweight
* Belarus

Men’s Super Heavyweight
* Ukraine

Women’s Flyweight
* Canada
* Serbia
* Vietnam

Women’s Featherweight
* Russia

Women’s Lightweight
* Finland

Women’s Welterweight
* Poland

Women’s Middleweight
* Poland

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