Boxing: European Olympic Qualifier Suspended Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The 2020 Boxing Road to Tokyo – European Qualification Event was suspended on Tuesday after three days of events due to COVID-19. The event begun on March 14th and was suspended on March 17th 2020.

It was decided that all draws and results will remain valid once the competition begins on a later date. This means that the eight quarterfinalists in the men’s flyweight and men’s featherweight have all booked a spot to the Olympics for their respective nations.

In total, 13 nations obtained one of the sixteen quotas with France, Great Britain and Spain obtaining two quotas each. This includes 2019 World Championships bronze medalists Billal Bennama of France and Great Britain’s Peter McGrail in the men’s flyweight and men’s featherweight respectively.

The other six men’s events and five women’s events will be decided on a later date. With the exception of world rankings publications, it appears that all Olympic qualification has been placed on hiatus for the time being.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Flyweight
* Armenia
* France
* Georgia
* Great Britain
* Ireland
* Romania
* Spain
* Turkey

Men’s Featherweight
* Azerbaijan
* France
* Germany
* Great Britain
* Hungary
* Russia
* Spain
* Ukraine

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