Boxing: BTF World Rankings Confirm Pan American Qualifiers

Previously, the Boxing Task Force announced the cancellation of the World Olympic Qualifier due to the rescheduling of the European qualifier. The quotas for that event have been restructured where the highest ranked unqualified athlete from the BTF rankings from each of the four continents (Africa, Asia/Oceania, Europe and Pan America) would be given a spot to compete. Recently the BTF have announced the qualifiers for Pan America.

In total nine nations qualified at least one athlete with the United States expanding its roster by three with quotas in the men’s featherweight (Duke Ragan), lightweight (Keyshawn Davis) and middleweight (Troy Isley). Two quotas were won by Ecuador via Maria Jose Palacios (women’s lightweight) and Erika Pachito (women’s middleweight) and Mexico via Rogelio Romero (men’s light heavyweight) and Brianda Cruz (women’s welterweight).

The remaining quotas were won by Argentina (Leonela Sanchez, women’s featherweight), Canada (Wyatt Sanford, men’s welterweight), the Dominican Republic (Miguelina Hernandez, women’s flyweight), Jamaica (Ricardo Brown, men’s super heavyweight), Peru (Jose Maria Lucar, men’s heavyweight) and Venezuela (Yoel Finol, men’s flyweight).

This was the final opportunity for Pan American nations to qualify in boxing. All that remains is for the BTF to confirm the reallocated World Qualifier quotas for European nations.

Update: Argentina withdrew from the women’s featherweight. Initially the quota was reallocated to Costa Rica, but they too declines so it was awarded to El Salvador.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Flyweight
* Venezuela

Men’s Featherweight
* United States

Men’s Lightweight
* United States

Men’s Welterweight
* Canada

Men’s Middleweight
* United States

Men’s Light Heavyweight
* Mexico

Men’s Heavyweight
* Peru

Men’s Super Heavyweight
* Jamaica

Women’s Flyweight
* Dominican Republic

Women’s Featherweight
* El Salvador

Women’s Lightweight
* Ecuador

Women’s Welterweight
* Mexico

Women’s Middleweight
* Ecuador

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