Athletics: IAAF Release Entry Standards

The International Associations of Athletics Federation (IAAF) has released an update for qualification to the 2020 Olympics during the IAAF Council Meeting in Doha, Qatar. Athletes will be able to qualify to the Olympics through two methods.

The first, is any athlete to have reached the Entry Standard in an approved event will be allowed to compete, subject to them being chosen by their nation and respecting the maximum of three athletes per event. These standards are quite difficult with around half the quotas available in each event expected to be filled with this method.

The second method is through the IAAF World Rankings where the remaining quotas will be given to the highest ranked eligible athlete in each event. This will be done after quotas won by athletes achieving the Entry Standard and quotas given as universality places have been decided.

The qualification period for the 10000m, walks, marathon and the combined events have already started (since January 1st 2019) while the qualification period for the other events will begin on May 1st 2019. As there are many qualifying events, we will update the qualification roughly once a month using data from the IAAF website which can be viewed on the sport’s qualification page.

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