Archery: Tripartite Commission Announces Quotas for Archery

The tripartite commission has awarded the quotas for archery. In total, two quotas were awarded in the men’s individual and two quotas were awarded in the women’s individual. Eligible nations were able to send applications in order to receive an invitation quota in various sports.

For the men’s individual, the quotas were awarded to Malawi’s Areneo David and Virgin Islands’ Nicholas D’Amour while the women’s individual quotas were awarded to Bangladesh’s Diya Siddique and Chad’s Marlyse Hourtou.

With these quotas, Bangladesh and Chad will also be eligible to compete in the mixed team event. This concludes the qualification process for archery. All that remains is for all nations to accept their quotas.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* Malawi
* US Virgin Islands

Women’s Individual
* Bangladesh
* Chad

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