Archery: Shoot-Off Required to Decide Mixed Team Recurve Gold at Pacific Games

A shoot-off was required to decide the gold medal in the mixed team recurve at the 2019 Pacific Games. In terms of Olympic qualification, the highest ranked eligible nation qualifies one male and one female athlete to the individual events, should they have no one qualified from the World Championships, which together can form a mixed team. Archery at the 2019 Pacific Games is currently being held in Apia, Samoa from July 9th to July 12th 2019.

The final came down between Australia’s Alice Ingley and Astin Darcey and New Zealand’s Olivia Hodgson and Adam Kaluzny. After tying 4-4 in the match a shoot-off was required where New Zealand score an 18 to beat out Australia’s 16 to win the quota. The bronze medal was won by Tonga’s Mele Tuuakitau and Hans Arne Jensen.

Should New Zealand accept the quota this will be their first time competing at the Olympics since 2004. Overall, this was the only direct Olympic quota available at the Pacific Games. The next opportunity for an Oceania nation to qualify to the Olympics in archery will be at the continental qualification tournament.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* New Zealand

Women’s Individual
* New Zealand

Mixed Team
* New Zealand

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