Archery: Pan American CQT sees Six Nations Qualify to Olympics

The Pan American quotas were decided today at the 2021 Pan American Championships. A separate tournament was held within the championship where eligible nations took part. The three highest ranked nations in the men’s and women’s individual recurve qualified a spot to compete at the games. The Pan American Championships are currently being held in Monterrey, Mexico from March 22nd to Match 28th 2021.

The ranking round of the women’s continental qualification tournament was topped by Brazil’s Ane Marcelle dos Santos whom finished four points ahead of Canada’s Stephanie Barrett with a total of 639. Going into the quarter-finals, the top three seeds remain, but fourth seed Elizabeth Rodriguez of Cuba was eliminated by Ecuador’s Adriana Espinosa.

The top three all won their quarterfinal match though dos Santos needed a tiebreak arrow to defeat Argentina’s Florencia Leithold. The final quarterfinal match was won by Espinosa whom defeated Bolivia’s Mayte Paredes 7-3. As the semi-finalist came from three different nations the Olympic quotas were awarded to Brazil, Canada and Ecuador. Dos Santos would go on to win the event, defeating Barrett 7-1 in the finals. Barrett’s compatriot, Tania Edwards won the bronze with a 6-4 score against Espinosa.

On the men’s side the qualification round was topped by Chile’s Andres Aguilar who had a total of 658. Few upsets were seen during the early rounds as 6/8 of the top seed advanced to the quarterfinals. The upsets came at the hands of Colombia’s Andres Pila who defeated fifth seed Angel Alvarado of Mexico. It wasn’t all bad news for Mexico as Alvarado’s compatriot, Luis Alvarez got an upset himself as he defeated the third seed from Cuba, Juan Carlos Stevens 7-1.

With Pila and his compatriot and overall second seed Jorge Enriquez making the semi-finals the three Olympic quotas were decided as Chile via Aguilar and Mexico via Alvarez clinched their spot to the games. The event was won by Enriquez over Aguilar in a tiebreaker where both athletes hit a 9, but Enriquez’s shot was closer. The bronze medal was won by Alvarez who defeated Pila 6-0.

By qualifying athletes here, Brazil, Canada, Colombia and Mexico will be eligible to compete in the mixed team event. Unqualified Pan American nations will have one more opportunity to qualify to the Olympics via the final qualification tournament scheduled to be held in June.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* Chile
* Colombia
* Mexico

Women’s Individual
* Brazil
* Canada
* Ecuador

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