Archery: Olympic Quotas Decided as Pan American Games Come to a Close

On the final day of events at the 2019 Pan American Games the available quotas were decided in archery. In total, two men and two female quotas were up for grabs with one each being available through the mixed team recurve and one each being available through the individual events. Additionally, all athletes must reach the semi-finals in order to be eligible for the quota. Archery at the Pan American Games was held in Lima, Peru from August 7th to August 11th.

The United States had the best performance during the qualification round of the mixed team recurve, scoring a 1364. This was 17 points higher than Mexico. The single elimination tournament saw few upsets with El Salvador’s 6-2 first round victory over fifth seed Brazil being the only one in the first two rounds though third seed Colombia did need a tie breaker to defeat Cuba in the second round. Colombia did pull of an upset of their own as they defeated Mexico in a tie breaker to advance to the finals. Also reaching the finals was the United States whom defeated Canada 6-2. The gold medal and Olympic quota was won by the United States as they defeated Colombia 5-3. As the United States had already qualified a men’s quota a second quota will now be available in the men’s individual recurve. The bronze medal was won by Mexico who defeated Canada 5-3.

The ranking round of the women’s individual recurve saw Mexico’s Alejandra Valencia break her own Pan American Games record where she finished with a score of 675. Behind her were Casey Kaufhold of the United States (662) and Valencia’s compatriot Aida Roman (653). Seven out of the eight top seeded archers reached the quarter-finals with 23rd seed Cinthya Pellecer of Guatemala completing the group. From there the only seeding upset in the quarter-finals was from Khatuna Lorig of the United States whom defeated Roman 6-4. As the only eligible athlete to reach the semi-finals, Colombia’s Ana Maria Rendon won the quota for her nation. The semi-finals saw Valencia defeat Rendon 6-0 while Lorig defeated her compatriot Kaufhold 6-4 to advance to the finals. Valencia won the gold medal over Lorig 7-3 while the bronze medal was won by Kaufhold.

The men’s individual recurve saw a new ranking round world record set by Brady Ellison of the United States whom finished with a score of 702, two more than the previous record set by Kim Woo-jin of South Korea. Behind Ellison were Brazil’s Marcus D’Almeida (692) and Jack Williams of the United States (689). While there were relatively more seeding upsets, the top five seed all reached the quarter-finals. However, it was here were top seed Ellison lost to Canada’s Eric Peters 6-0 and third seed Williams lost to Brazil’s Bernardo Oliveira in a tie breaker. As Brazil and Canada were the only two nations to reach the semi-finals, they have qualified a quota each to compete in the Olympics. The all Canadian affair saw Crispin Duenas defeat Peters 6-2 while the Brazilian match saw D’Almeida defeated Oliveira 7-3. The gold medal was won by Duenas as he defeated D’Almeida 6-4. The bronze medal was won by Peters.

The next opportunity for Pan American nations to qualify to the Olympics will be at the continental qualification tournament. The next qualification event will be the 2019 African Games to be held later this month.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* Brazil
* Canada

Women’s Individual
* Colombia
* United States

Mixed Team
* United States

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