Archery: Japan Wins Inaugural Mixed Team Recurve Event

The inaugural mixed team recurve event at the 2018 Asian Games concluded today. The highest ranked eligible nation, after quotas for the 2019 World Archery Championship have been awarded will qualify to the individual events at the Olympics and will be eligible to compete in the mixed team event. While we may not know who officially qualifies through this method until next year we can still say which nation is currently qualified, even if they officially take their quota through a different method. The archery events within the games are being held from August 21st to August 28th 2018.

The ranking round had South Korea setting a new world record in the event with a score of 1364. The event saw quite a few upsets, beginning with 12th seed Bangladesh defeating 5th seed Kazakhstan 5-4 in the 1/8 eliminations. The biggest upsets however, came in the quarter-finals where the South Korean top seed lost to 9th seed Mongolia 5-1 and 2nd seed Chinese Taipei lost to 10th seed North Korea 5-4. North Korea was able to continue its run and defeated China 6-2 in the semi-final while Mongolia lost to 4th seed Japan 6-2. The final saw Japan sweeping North Korea 6-0. The bronze medal went to China whom defeated Mongolia 6-2. Despite winning silver, North Korea qualified to the Olympics due to Japan already qualifying as hosts.

While the 2019 World Championships will have a higher qualification priority it is unlikely that North Korea will qualify in both the men’s and women’s events so the quota is likely safe. If not, the quota will transfer to the next highest ranked eligible team, up to a maximum of fourth place. Should North Korea win a quota in one of the genders a second quota will be available in the individual events.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* North Korea

Women’s Individual
* North Korea

Mixed team
* North Korea

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