Archery: Gazoz and Barbelin Win CQT at European Championships

Gazoz and Barbelin won their respective events at the European Continental Qualification Tournament. The CQT was held in conjunction with the overall 2021 European Archery Championships where only eligible nations were allowed to compete. The four highest ranked nations in the men’s and women’s individual event qualified to the games. The European Archery Championships was held in Antalya, Turkey from May 31st to June 6th 2021.

In the women’s individual recurve, the top eight seeded athletes all reached the quarterfinals, but it was there where second seed Laura Nurmsalu of Estonia lost to Spain’s Ines de Velasco 6-2. Similarly, the third seed Gulnaz Coskun of Turkey lost to her compatriot Yasemin Anagoz 7-3. The semi-finals saw France’s Lisa Barbelin defeat top seed Elia Canales of Spain while Anagoz won 7-1 against de Velasco.

This meant France, Spain and Turkey all qualified a quota to the Olympics. The fourth spot went to the highest ranked eligible quarterfinal loser which was Slovakia’s Denisa Barankova. The event was won by Barbelin whom defeated Anagoz 6-2. De Velasco won against her compatriot, Canales 7-3 to win bronze.

The men’s event saw a few more upsets with the most notable being fourth seed Thomas Rufer of Switzerland losing in the round of 32 to Slovenia’s Ziga Ravnikar after getting a bye in the first two rounds. Ravnikar would go on to reach the quarterfinals where he lost 6-4 to France’s Thomas Chirault. However, with only three nations participating in the semifinals, Ravnikar won the quota for his nation by being the best performing quarterfinal loser. The other three quotas were won by France, Germany and Turkey.

The semifinals were won by top seed Mate Gazoz of Turkey and France’s Jean-Charles Valladont. The two defeated Chirault 6-4 and Germany’s Florian Unruh 7-3 respectively. The event was won by Gazoz as he blanked Valladont 6-0. Bronze was won by Unruh where he won 6-2 over Chirault.

Due to their qualification, France, Germany, Spain and Turkey are now eligible to participate in the mixed team event. The final opportunity for European nations to qualify to the Olympics will be at the Final Qualification Tournament scheduled to occur in the coming weeks.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* France
* Germany
* Slovenia
* Turkey

Women’s Individual
* France
* Slovakia
* Spain
* Turkey

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