Archery: Five Nations Qualify after CQT Success at Asian Championships

Five nations qualified individual quotas at the 2019 Asian Archery Championships. During the event, a separate continental qualification tournament was held where non-previously qualified nations competed for three individual quota places. A nation can only qualify a maximum of one spot in each event. The Asian Archery Championships was held in Bangkok, Thailand from November 20th to November 28th 2019.

The best performing eligible man during the recurve qualification round was Tajikistan’s Robert Nam whom hit a 656, seven more than Mongolia’s Jantsan Gantugs and his compatriot Baatarkhuyagiin Otgonbold. Nam would not live up to his seed as he lost in the 1/8th final to Iran’s Amin Pirali 6-4. Similarly, Jantsan lost in the same round to Denchai Thepna of Thailand 6-0. The quarter-finals saw two athletes from Iran and Vietnam advance to the semi-finals meaning those two nations were guaranteed a quota place along with Mongolia’s Baatarkhuyagiin as he was the best placing quarterfinal loser.

Vietnam won the two match-ups as Nguyen Hoang Phi Vu and Chu Duc Anh defeated Pirali 7-1 and Milad Vaziri 6-5 respectively. The event was won by Nguyen as he defeated his compatriot 7-1 while the bronze medal was won by Vaziri where he did the same to his compatriot in a 6-0 score line.

India’s Deepika Kumari was the best performing athlete from a non-qualified nation in the women’s recurve qualification round where she got a score of 655. India is currently suspended by World Archery, but their athletes were allowed to obtain quota places. The second seed for the continental qualification tournament was Iran’s Niloofar Alipoor. The elimination round saw many seeding upsets to the point where only two out of the top eight seeds reached the quarterfinals. This included Alipoor who lost to Bhutan’s Karma during the 1/16th round. Karma would use this upset to advance all the way to the semi-finals and obtained a quota for her nation. Also reaching the semi-finals were Vietnam’s Do Thi Anh Nguyet and two Indian archers, Kumari and Ankita Bhakat. This meant both Vietnam and India also qualified a quota to the Olympics.

The semi-finals saw India win both matches as Kumari defeated Do Thi Anh 6-2 and Bhakat defeated Karma 6-2. The all Indian affair was won by Kumari as she shut-out her compatriot 6-0. The bronze medal was won by Do Thi Anh whom defeated Karma 7-1.

By qualifying two athletes, Vietnam is now eligible to compete in the mixed team event as is India who previously qualified a male quota. Unqualified athletes will have one more opportunity to qualify their nation to the Olympics at the final qualification tournament. The next continent to have its qualifiers will be Oceania, set to be held in April 2020.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* Iran
* Mongolia
* Vietnam

Women’s Individual
* Bhutan
* India
* Vietnam

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