Archery: Final Individual Quotas Decided at Final Qualification Tournament in Paris

The Archery Final Qualification Tournament has concluded with 12 quotas awarded. Only nations which failed to qualify an athlete may compete in the event. Seven men and five women quotas were up for grabs with a maximum of one quota per nation per event. The Archery Final Qualification Tournament was held in Paris, France from June 18th to June 21st 2021.

Originally, the Oceania continental qualification tournament was rescheduled to be held at this event, but since the minimum level of participation was not reached, the quotas were reallocated to the highest ranked athlete from the last continental championship. This meant that Fiji’s George Fong and Australia’s Ella Byrne won the quotas for their nation via the 2018 Oceania Championships.

The qualification round of the men’s individual was topped by Luxembourg’s Jeff Henckels. He would not be able to repeat that performance as he lost in the 1/16 finals to Moldova’s Dan Olaru. Despite being the 33rd seed, Olaru reach the finals where he met second seed Galsan Bazarzhapov of Russia. The event was won by Bazarzhapov 6-2. The bronze medal went to Finland’s Antti Vikstrom whom defeated Ukraine’s Oleksii Hunbin 6-4. Along with those four, the remaining quotas were awarded to Hungary’s Matyas Balogh, Poland’s Slawomir Naploszek and Israel’s Itay Shanny.

Poland’s Magdalena Smialkowska won the qualification round of the women’s individual and became the top seed. She would lose in the quarterfinals to Romania’s Madalina Amaistroaie 6-2. Amaistroaie would reach the final where she won gold against Poland’s Sylwia Zyzanska 6-4. The bronze medal was won by Czech Republic’s Marie Horakova whom was victorious against Greece’s Evangelia Psarra. The fifth and final quota was won by Mongolia’s Bishindeegiin Urantungalag.

By winning quotas here, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine along with Australia via the Oceania quota will be eligible to compete in the mixed team event. This was the final opportunity for nations to qualify in archery, all that remains is for nations to accept their quotas.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* Fiji (Oceania quota)
* Finland
* Hungary
* Israel
* Moldova
* Poland
* Russia
* Ukraine

Women’s Individual
* Australia (Oceania quota)
* Czech Republic
* Greece
* Mongolia
* Poland
* Romania

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