Archery: China and South Korea Win Individual Recurve Gold

The remaining archery events concluded today at the 2018 Asian Games. In terms of Olympic qualification, the highest ranked eligible nation, after quotas for the 2019 World Archery Championship have been awarded in the men’s and women’s individual recurve events will qualify to the Olympics. While we may not know who officially qualifies through this method until next year we can still say which nation is currently qualified, even if they officially take their quota through a different method. The archery events within the games were held from August 21st to August 28th 2018.

The ranking round of the women’s individual recurve was won by South Korea’s Kang Chaeyoung. Due to the rule of only allowing two athletes per nation to compete in the elimination rounds, second place Lee Eunkyung of South Korea was substituted for 2016 Olympic gold medalist Chang Hyejin. The early round went as expected for the top seeds with seven out of the eight highest ranked archers qualifying to the quarter-finals. The largest upset in the quarter-finals was seventh seed Diananda Choirunisa of Indonesia defeating the second seed Chang 7-3. Choirunisa would go on to defeat third seed Lei Chien-ying of Chinese Taipei 7-3. The other semi-final had fifth seed Zhang Xinyan of China defeating the top seed Kang 6-4. Zhang would go on to win the gold medal and Olympic quota 7-3. The bronze medal went to Kang whom defeated Lei 6-2.

The ranking round of the men’s individual recurve was won by South Korea’s Oh Jinhyek. However, due to the two athletes competing in the elimination round rule both Oh and second place Im Donghyun were replaced by Lee Wooseok and Kim Woojin. Showcasing South Korea’s strength in archery, both Lee and Kim would reach the final with Lee defeating fourth seed Ilfat Abdullin of Kazakhstan 7-1 and Kim defeating the surprise performance of the competition, 19th seed Riau Ega Agatha of Indonesia 6-2. This guaranteed that the Olympic quota would go to South Korea. The final was a tight match; going down to the final arrow, but it was Kim whom defeated Lee 6-4. The bronze medal was won by Agatha, whom defeated Abdullin 6-2.

With the 2019 World Archery Championship having a higher priority and Asia typically performing well in this sport it is likely that the gold medalists’ nation will qualify to the Olympics through that method. Should this occur the next highest ranked athlete will qualify their nation, provided that they finished in the top four. Besides the World Championships the next opportunity for Asian athletes to qualify to the Olympics will be at the Asian Continental Qualification Tournament.

Edit: Due to South Korea and China winning quotas at the 2019 World Championships the 2018 Asian Games quotas have been reallocated to Indonesia in both the men’s and women’s events. This also means that Indonesia will be eligible to compete in the mixed team event.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* Indonesia

Women’s Individual
* Indonesia

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