Archery: African Olympic Quotas Decided at African Games

Medals for all events were awarded today in archery at the 2019 African Games. The best performing nation in the mixed team event will qualify to the Olympics along with being eligible to compete in the individual events. Additionally, the two highest ranked eligible nations in the individual events will qualify a quota to compete. Archery at the African Games was held in Rabat, Morocco from August 27th to August 30th 2019.

The seeding round for the mixed team event was won by Egypt who shot a 1278 to grab the overall top seed. This was 47 points more than second place finishers Namibia. No seeding upsets occurred during the first two rounds and the same remained in the semi-finals as Egypt and Namibia defeated Chad (5-1) and Cote d’Ivoire (6-2) respectively. The final and Olympic quota was won by Egypt who defeated Namibia 6-2. The bronze medal was won by Chad as they defeated Cote d’Ivoire 5-1.

Namibia’s Quinn Reddig topped the seeding round of the women’s individual with a score of 629, seven more than Egypt’s Reem Mansour. The two top seeds were defeated early on with Mansour losing in the second round to Tunisia’s Rihab El Walid 6-2 while Reddig lost in the quarterfinals to Cote d’Ivoire’s Esmei Diombo 6-2. The two athletes would reach the final, earning an Olympic quota with El Walid defeating South Africa’s Catharina Whitehead and Diombo winning against Egypt’s Amal Adam 6-4 and 7-3 respectively. Diombo would win the title by defeating El Walid 7-1 while the bronze medal was won by Adam as she defeated Whitehead 7-3.

The men’s individual saw Egypt’s Youssof Tolba top the ranking round with a total score of 656. This was 23 more than Mongomin Eyeni of Cote d’Ivoire. Tolba was able to reach the semi-finals, but Eyeni lost in the quarter-finals to Chad’s Madeye Israel 7-1. The semi-finals saw Tolba lose to Tunisia’s Mohamed Hammed 6-0. The other semi-final saw Egypt’s Sherif Mohamed defeat Israel 7-1 to advance to the finals. As Egypt already qualified an athlete to the Olympics, Israel still won a quota for his nation along with Hammed. The gold medal was won by Mohamed whom defeated Hammed in a tie-breaker. Tolba won the bronze medal, defeating Israel 6-4.

By qualifying a male and female quota, Tunisia will be eligible to compete in the mixed team event. Unqualified nations will have one more opportunity to qualify to the Olympics, at the final Olympic qualification tournament to be held in 2020.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* Chad
* Egypt
* Tunisia

Women’s Individual
* Cote d’Ivoire
* Egypt
* Tunisia

Mixed Team
* Egypt

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